This place is great! I am not a big kabob-fan but this food is so good. I have been there about 3 times and every time it gets better. Everything is cooked fresh in the Tandoor and comes out great. All the food is cooked to order so it takes some time to get the food (10-15 mins) but as the owner says "Good Food Takes Time to Cook." and he is correct - the food is very good. It's owned by the same people as next door at King Keg. That place is great too - check them both out - Beer and great food. Doesn't get any better than that.

- Chase R.
Newport Beach
“The food was amazing! I was thoroughly impressed by the fact that all of their food was made fresh on-site. The atmosphere was very welcoming and you can tell they have gone over and above to create a unique dining experience. I was expecting to eat with a cheap plastic fork, but much to my surprise, I was given real silverware and quality napkins. The food was excellent and I'm looking forward to going back again very soon. The south bay finally has a place with great food and quality service at a very affordable price.”

- Chris A.
Manhattan Beach
“I love this place! I went last night for dinner and I'm still full from all of the food I ate. This place is really a vegetarian's paradise- they have so many items to choose from and they're all made fresh on the spot. I especially loved the aloo pratha (kind of a flat bread filled with spiced potatoes). And I also loved the okra (bhindi masala). And I loved the lentils. And pretty much everything I tried. I had a dessert made with carrots on the suggestion of the owner and it was amazing and definitely not something that I would have thought to try on my own. Everyone is extremely friendly here, the food is authentic and fresh, and you get excellent quality in a casual atmosphere. I would recommend Royal Kabob to everyone!”

- Jordan E.
Los Angeles
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